Reason We started

Some unfinished ideas and hunger for learning

Everybody told me from college time that you will not use your creativity in your job. it will restrict you from making changes for business profit. on the path of becoming a successful employee found that some ideas were left behind.

So to fullfil those and sharing the knowledges learned, nurturing the hobbies, and ofcourse making life a joyful learning we came up with these.

And in a lonely evening with a tea and cigarette kicked of these place to share knowledge and some awesome product.

Some Projects we are working on.

for our already hosted project please go to Projects page


It's a tracker for all your task, whether to log, remind, complete, share.


The simplest lightweight no junk fully functional youtube client. you can download, listen in background youtube videos.

what we do

We usually work with these but anytime up for taking new technologies

Mobile App Developement


We develope native and hybrid mobile app. game, app based on solving real life problems are our goal.

Website Developement

prefer Django for core

We are a little bit newbie here. Some cool ideas are getting nurtured. still exploring. well learning is always fun.

Contact us

mail us at well if your mailto: is configured you can directly press the button